Rev. Dr. Sabu Abraham B.Th.,M.Th.,D.Min

Born and brought up in a Christian family Rev. Abraham, was brought up in a good spiritual atmosphere. His parents are now with the Lord. Presently he resides in California with his wife Rachel and children Siby and Sarah. He is grateful to God for his two brothers and three sisters and their families, residing in the US.

His ministry of about 20 years includes overseeing the ministry in India, being the President of the Father’s House Theological Seminary, International Evangelist of IPHC, Preacher and Teacher and gospel Singer, Song writer and Author.

He has completed high school and college education in India and continues his studies and received various theology degrees (B Th; M Th; and D Min., from California). His passion is to win souls and enable people to connect to God the creator; the Father; the lover of the Soul; and the Redeemer.

Evg. Siby Abraham Sabu
Vice President

His passion is to share the love of Jesus throughout Asia, by teaching and singing. He is a gospel singer, preacher and teacher.

He attended various schools in India (Santa Maria Public School, Ranny; and Believers Church Residency School, Thiruvalla). He continues his study in California (Foothill College; and Simpson University). Majoring the research field of Bio Technology and Theology).

Mrs. Rachel Sabu
Managing Trustee

Her passion is to provide help for the needy and win souls for Jesus. She works as a BSN in California. After 30 years of missionary services in Northern India both her parents went to be with Lord. Presently, her brother and sister and their family are involved in the northern India mission.

Rev. James Mathew
Assistant Overseer
Rev. Mathew Cherian
Director of the Theological Seminary

Advisory Board

  • 1. Russell Board (Asian Director)
  • 2. Moses Kumar Bella (Field Superintend)
  • 3. Roger Harvalson (Bishop of PWC)
  • 4. Evangelist Christopher C Mathew
  • 5. Pastor Stan Reynolds (WLC)
  • 6. Pastor Israel Nueign (VC)
  • 7. Rev. Abraham Zechariah (ICF)
  • 8. Evangelist Farris Ryan (REP)
  • 9. Pastor Carl Widell (FHI)
  • 10. Pastor Roberto Azarto (SPC)
  • 11. Pastor Bernado Cruz (JLC).