Soul winning is our ultimate focus. We want to continually reach out individuals, families, society, different cultural groups and the nation that they agree and accept that Jesus is the Lord and the Savior. Through faith, prayer, and repentance, and by the help of the Holy Spirit a person can become a new and inherit the eternal life which is authorized by God the Almighty and established by Jesus Christ.

Spiritual maturity is the most important factor throughout life. By the power of the Holy Spirit and understanding of the Word of God bring emotional healing; set free from the power of evil; and deepen the relationship with God. It helps individuals to be active in the ministry of God.

  • We train and equip pastors and leaders for the Christian service.
  • Establish schools; bible colleges; job training centers; hospitals; care homes; and mercy centers.
  • Build worship shelters in villages and remote places and tribal areas.
  • Ministries through humanitarian projects such as: – children’s home; feeding programs; donate sewing machines for women; provide medical treatments; literature distribution and open air evangelization.